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Key Message International​

We can help you effectively communicate your most important message, your key message.

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KMI is an official member of IPRN

The International Public Relations Network (IPRN) is the world's largest network of independent PR firms. With members in more than 100 cities in 30 countries, KMI is able to address global communications challenges through the IPRN network.


"Key Message" of 
Key Message International

Key Message International (KMI) is a communication/public relations/PR professional network. We support communication to effectively convey the client's most important message, "key message".


So, what is the key to effective communication?


Communication is a double-edged sword. It can heal or hurt both the sender and recipient. Communication is both a means of making peace with sympathy and a means of violence with heartless messages. Sometimes we deliver the right news, sometimes we deliver the wrong news. It can be a story that depicts a better future or a story that depicts an undesirable future. There is never, always, perfect communication for everyone. Communication which aims at it hurts both the sender and recipient and leads to methods of violence, false news, and stories that paint an undesirable future. We do not believe that such communication is effective.


Stories that heal both the sender and recipient, make peace, go right, or describe a better future are funny, interesting, meaningful, tasteful, and exciting. It's fun. They make us feel free, grow, and have an experimental spirit. There is play. There are exceptions, ambiguities, and miracles. It's just right. that's why "Fun, playful, and right" is how I want to communicate. To make communication a means of making peace with sympathy, we take care of the concept of nonviolence. To deliver fair, accurate, correct and just news, the concept of journalismAnd to spread stories that paint a better future, the concept of sense of wonder (the feeling that the extraordinary becomes the daily life).


"Better communication, Better future”is our mission. "Sympathizing, Just, Amazing communication" is our vision. "Non-violence", "Journalism", "Sense of Wonder”and in order to spread them all over the world in the“wide, high, far" way, "Worldwide”are our values.


This is the way that Key Message International (KMI) believes in supporting communication to effectively convey your "key message".

​ Representative of the Network

Koichi Iwasawa